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Un fallo de seguridad del navegador de Android podría afectar al 40% de usuarios

Vulnerabilidad en el navegador de Android

All Android devices come with an installed browser standard, an application designed to surf the Internet, which, until today, we thought that it was quite safe, but it seems that it is not so. It has discovered a vulnerability in the Android browser, what, roughly, allows a series of exploits Javascript to access cookies and passwords stored in our terminals and can, for example, send emails on our behalf.

As we read in Android Autorithy, Rafay Baloch reported on 1 September the issue as if it were a normal bug, but seems to have very serious consequences for a great number of Android users. Rafay - researcher - is it discovered that, configured a certain way, Javascript could circumvent the policy of common origin (Same Origin Policy or SOP), a security system without which a malicious web page could compromise the confidentiality and integrity of another website , or in this case, our device.

All this is very technical, but in more simple language we could say that, if we use a browser version of series of Android that this outdated, or that it is not protected, we are exposed to this kind of problem. Although very small are likely to meet this exploit, there are many users who are still using this exploitable version of the Android browser, so maybe we should opt to use another browser.

Fragmentación Android

Before Android 4.2, the Android browser included as a browser by default, although it was later abandoned by Google, who preferred to give visibility to Google Chrome, and although it is unlikely that we find this default browser - that if you had a low-end terminal you will know as Android - browser is possible that older software versions or browsers based on this we keep finding these vulnerabilities, which leads us to the next point: it is not known how many users may be affected by this bug.

If we refer to the figures for Google, we know that 24.5% of all Android devices running Android 4.4 KitKat, which is out of danger unless we have installed for this browser. The vulnerable browser is used by 21% of devices around the world. Given that Android accounts for about 45% of all devices, and that the vast majority of users of iOS use Safari, we can estimate that around 40% of all Android devices using the Android browser and, therefore, you may experience this problem.

The way to protect against this security issue is as easy as installing a different browser that is not based on the old Android code. Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera are examples of these, and you can access them from the links below. Google has already pronounced on the matter and said that the company is working on a solution which we hope will not late to arrive.

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